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opioid patient-education videos

Reinforces the main points of the Patient-Prescriber Agreement (PPA) before being prescribed opioids. Explains other important concepts such as the difference between dependence, tolerance, and addiction. Read more.

introduction to opioids booklet

Patients can access the information in the opioid patient-education video at home, share it with friends and family, and reference it throughout their pain treatment. Read more.

alternative treatments poster

Introduces a variety of non-medication options for treating chronic pain. Helping patients to understand their options may reduce the use, and therefore dependence on or addiction to, opioid medications. Read more.

alternative treatments card deck

A companion piece to the poster and booklets, this deck of 16 cards is a shared-decision tool that clinicians can tailor and integrate into their practice. Read more.

opioid tapering booklet

This booklet normalizes tapering by providing a conversational way of discussing it when a patient starts using opioids or when they might reduce their dose or get off of opioids completely. Read more.

patient-prescriber agreement (PPA)

A more patient-focused PPA reduces strain and increases trust between providers and patients, while helping patients understand opioid medications as part of an overall pain management strategy whose success is measured in terms of meeting functional goals. Read more.

controlled substance and wellness agreement

A different version of the Patient-Prescriber Agreement (also called a Controlled Substance and Wellness Agreement), designed to help patients slow down, reflect, and record questions and notes to discuss with their healthcare provider. Read more.

outpatient radio

Outpatient Radio is a participatory community radio show that explores ways to help patients and communities talk about chronic pain and chronic pain treatment. Read more.

buprenorphine treatment plan workbook

A take-home guide to aid patients undergoing medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders (OUD). Read more.