get involved!

it wouldn’t be democratic design without you

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student involvement

If you are a student, we welcome your participation as a volunteer or an intern (for 198/298 credit). We encourage students of all majors to work with us—DiPi staff, interns, and alumni have backgrounds in Design, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Cinema and Digital Media, Computer Science, Community and Regional Development, and International Relations, to name a few.

Volunteers and interns help with research of many kinds—from community-based design research to scholarly research in topics related to current projects—and with outreach and social media efforts.

We also have a limited number of positions open for student employees and graduate student researchers. Work-study students are encouraged to apply. Email

faculty and staff collaborations

Faculty and staff are invited to participate in both the research and the educational aspects of DiPi’s mission. If you see a connection between your research or teaching interests and one of our projects, or if you are interested in how our projects might tie in with your classes, get in touch.

community partners

Community involvement is essential to DiPi’s mission. The accessibility and reach of our work depends on communicating with many people. For example, we welcome bilingual speakers of all backgrounds to support us in translating project materials and outcomes. Opportunities to participate vary depending on the project; for more information contact us.

Community involvement extends beyond working opportunities. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to help us build an inclusive and open online conversation and community space. We are always open to new ideas and partners—if you see a need in your community and think DiPi might be able to support you in meeting this need, we’d love to talk with you!